Taking the environment seriously to meet your sustainability objectives.

Working within an industry such as ours, we above all understand the inevitable impact It can have on our environment. As a result, we have a responsibility to protect our environment and aim to reduce any effect to an absolute minimum. For example, we have invested heavily into a closed loop recycling system which has allowed us to turn all our In-house waste polyethylene back into its raw pellet form for use back into recycled content products. Additionally, we have comprehensively invested research and development into Bio-degradable films, and we are proud to say that we are capable of producing 100% degradable polyethylene film.


At Maryna Packaging, we aim to be the best we can in order for us to meet our sustainability objectives we push to adhere to the highest standards of performances in all areas of our manufacturing process that has an environmental impact:

We consider our environmental impact from the very beginning of our processes. For example, we work with suppliers to proactively consider their environmental impact.

The equipment we use are constantly improving to create a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing process.

With our In-house recycling facility, we try to reduce the consumption of virgin grade material in our operations.

Being innovative with the blend of your packaging as to reduce the amount of polyethylene being used in your packaging but at no costs of the physical properties needed to sustain your business.

With an ever changing outlook on our environment, we want future families to have a world worth inheriting.



To help combat the fight against plastic pollution, we are committed to a closed loop system

At our manufacturing plant, we have an In-house recycling facility because we believe the ideal use for polyethylene after Its first use Is to be recycled into another product. Therefore, keeping resources in use for as long as possible by recovery, recycling & reuse. All our In-house waste is recycled and used In our extrusion process.

Recycled content Material (PCR Material) can be seen as a circular compound, and we have proudly manufactured 95% recycled content retail carrier bags and with 25% recycled content mailing bags without affecting the performance of the product.